Did you know?

...that your PC's and more especially your Windows file servers not only need, but require regular service and maintenance?  Taking them for granted could lead to a rude awakening, which could be costly both in terms of lost business and invaluable customer data. Even if your computer systems are new you'll want to protect your new investment along with the customer data its taken you years to collect. Especially when waiting can just compound problems. So don't just wait to react to problems after they come to the surface and result in downtime; consider what will an ounce of prevention can do for your business. IT Professionals, Computer Techs Onsite and more importantly Microsoft recommend a pro-active approach rather than just a re-active approach to Windows management.  And the saving can be huge!

Trust, but verify.

This was not only great advise by Ronald Reagan on treaty negotiations with Russian commies, but great advise for computers, and a necessary reality concerning the state of the art of your Microsoft business computers. We know how important your data is and how downtime can be and usually is unacceptable. So whether you've got just a few PC's, or a few servers and several workstations that you trust your business to, they're going to require regular maintenance and you'll need a pro-active plan for periodic maintenance to stay ahead of the game. 

Set it and forget it. 

'Set it and forget it' is a utopian goal long sought after by Microsoft system programmers and system administrators. It's an abstract goal to be reached for, but far from the reality of real life business. With security threats, viruses, spyware, hardware failure, unintentional user deletions and changes to Windows configurations, Microsoft bugs, program bugs, and the many fixes, patches, and updates issued almost daily, your systems not only need, but require routine maintenance. And when some of this is automated, a human being is still required to check regularly that the automations were performed correctly and without any side effects such as compatibility issues with the various software and hardware components running on your Windows computers.

A Commitment to Service. 

Computer Techs Onsite is there for you, operating at your business, with affordable
Business Service & Maintenance Plans starting with a 4 hours per month plan of preventative maintenance with 5 trouble incidents per month including on-site service when your computers experience downtime. These plans represent huge savings over the reactive approach you've probably done in the past. And if you've been neglecting your Microsoft systems waiting for something to break, now's the time for a good spring cleaning, and the peace of mind knowing that you're protected with a combination of the double packed solution of pro-active preventative maintenance and an on-site  service agreement when your computers go down.

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Windows Small Business Server is the perfect one size fits all for Small Business because it can be tailored to meet your specific business plans. Small Business Server 2011 is the latest release. Built on the stability of Servers 2003 and 2008, and it offers a whole lot of new features.

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